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We help people reunite with their families, stop deportations, gain immigration status, defend against criminal charges, and protect their constitutional and civil rights.
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Our attorneys have experience in state, federal and immigration courts. We seek justice for our clients, and we are active in the community to build a fair and just society.  

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We can help you successfully navigate the tedious and complicated immigration system.

Criminal Defense and Post-Conviction Relief

We are leaders in representing noncitizens in criminal court because we understand the complex intersection of criminal and immigration laws.

Civil Rights

We will fight for you if you were discriminated against, racially profiled, falsely arrested, or unlawfully detained.

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We will listen to you, review any documents, offer our honest advice, and answer any questions you may have. We will take our time to explore and explain all options, including the time and cost associated with your case.

If you are not in the Twin Cities area or can‘t drive to our office, we can consult by phone or video conferencing. Together we will work to find the best resolution for your case!

“They are the best professionals in their work !! I am very grateful to the lawyer Susana de León and her entire team for being honest for guiding me, helping me in my case, they are very much appreciated !!”

Diana O.

“Bruce Nestor is the most professional immigration lawyer, he helped us in so many ways. He really knows how to do his job and puts his all into it! Thank you Bruce!

Nya D.

“Anyone who has ever had to deal with immigration issues such as filing for a green card will attest to how difficult and lengthy this process is. Jesus Torres-Garza and his team were fantastic. They were professional, fast and paid attention to the details in a way that made my process from filing to receiving the approval to last 8 months when i have heard horror stories from other who it took years and still got declined. I would highly recommend their firm and their service.”

Emmanuel M.

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