About Us

Increasing Access to Exceptional Legal Services

Our goal is to provide excellent legal service at an accessible cost.

  • We work on three broad areas of the law: Immigrationcriminal defense, and civil rights.
  • Our goal is to help family members reunite in the United States.
  • We help people already in the U.S. apply for and obtain legal status, so they don ‘t have to live in fear of deportation and can achieve their dreams.
  • We provide aggressive representation in immigration court so people can fight their deportation and apply for relief.
  • We aggressively represent people in criminal court to protect their liberty and try to avoid the devastating immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.
  • And, we seek compensation for violations of your civil and constitutional rights.  

Community Involvement:

De León, Nestor & Torres is a community-based law firm. Our work is rooted in the communities where our clients live and work. We partner with and support local community groups and organizations where we serve as board members, advisors, allies, donors, and Pro Bono attorneys. These are some of the organizations we support:  

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